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Overview of our Courses

Our courses are for everyone, our success is helping people gain knowledge We proud ourselves on helping you go further with your career and build a good successful life. We don’t care if you have no GCSE, no education, did badly at school/College, have no knowledge in Networking or Computers.
Maybe you did an online course and quit as you needed classroom support due to not understanding the concept online. We are here to get you to where your Dreams and Desire are within the computer industry. We are a very friendly positive company and we get excited to see you move up the ladder in life. Our door is always open, and we love feedback on how you are progressing in life.

As you may see there are thousands of online courses with Computers & Networking, 95% of them are all Home study with no hands-on experience. Most people once they pass the online courses are stuck when going for job interviews, WHY because one of the questions you always get asked is “Have you done any work in this environment before?” or “what experience do you have in building computers, Networking, Software installation?”

Most people will say none as this is true, the online courses provide no hand on training, most companies want to give people jobs that have done hands on more than people who have just done a course with no Practical knowledge. Practical knowledge is easier to gain a work placement then people with no Practical knowledge. Reason for this is the companies can train you up quicker knowing you have some background knowledge and that you have skills in knowing where parts go, how it’s connected, how to troubleshoot a problem etc.

People who have completed our training classes have gone on to build their dreams, most have gone into self-employment working for themselves building their own business or doing sub-
contracting work. Others have gone into working for companies. At the end of the courses, you will get a list of agencies that we recommend for jobs, we work with a CV company who will do you a professional cv, we also know companies if you decide to be self-employed and looking for sub-contracting work.