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PC Support & Maintenance
London & UK

For all your maintenance & repairs

PC Support & Maintenance London & UK

Ever had an obscure error message when your computer starts, or a program that no longer runs correctly, or just a setting that you want to change on your computer, and don’t know where to go? We have three new support services that may help you.

Annual Maintenance

This service is designed for those who just want to keep their computers at top performance. This covers all parts if they should fail and need replacing. For an annual fee of £150.00, This also covers unlimited remote support calls. The only thing this doesn’t cover is software e.g. if your operating system is corrupted or if your computer is infected with virus, trojan, spyware etc then this will be chargeable

Hardware Covered

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • CD Rom
  • Fans
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Keyboard & Mouse

Hardware Not Covered

  • Monitors

Software Not Covered

Windows operating systems, virus software, all software installed on Hard drive. Print Copy tech ltd is not responsible for any software license that’s missing or damaged. This does not include installing new programs, simply maintaining the machine. However, if you do have problems, please mention them at the time of the maintenance and we will try to fix them.

The annual cost is for one computer, and thereafter, the cost will be an additional £65.00 per additional computer per annum. Prices.

Monthly Contract

This is the same as the annual contract above, but the price is £15.00 per month. For each additional computer, the cost will be £7.50 per month. So, if you have two computers, the cost would be £22.50 per month. The annual contract may be cheaper in these cases, but this is designed for customers who don’t want to pay large amounts at one time.

Single Incident

This is where the customer has a specific problem with the computer and needs it fixed. Note, we can only fix software problems remotely, but we will do our best to fix your problem. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay. The cost is £36.00 per hour. This incident could also include a one-off maintenance of your computer, depending on the scale of the problem, and the time it takes to fix it. Or if you don’t have a problem, but just want the maintenance once, this costs £36.00 per hour.

The remote software

The remote software works in such a way that we can never connect to your system without your agreement. At the time we connect, you would be asked to type a combination of keys, control- shift backspace, then a session code. If the code is not entered correctly, we cannot connect. If you are unhappy with anything we are doing, then a quick control-shift-backspace again will disconnect us immediately. The connection is always securely encrypted by the software.

Installing the remote software to your PC

If you would like to take advantage of any of our remote support or training services, please click on the Team viewer Support icon

Remote Incident Manager (RIM)

For field technical support, Remote Incident Manager allows a technician to take complete control of a distant computer, over a network or the Internet and puts the technician in the same Windows session as the user. The two can work in the same applications and documents at the same time, exchange text, and exchange files through the Windows clipboard. Technical or training issues are resolved real-time, interactively. This is an Enterprise Solution for those wishing to do as we do and maintain computers for clients remotely, saving money on travel costs and time.

please Email us or ring 0800 009 6425.